The research Team is lead bij Wim Boeve MBA MMI and DBA-candidate at the Business School Netherlands.

In het kader van mijn Doctor of Business Administration studie, doe ik onderzoek nar de toepassing van digitale technieken in de gezondheidszorg.

Research focus

Blockchain, IOTA, Ethereum are all Distributed Ledger Technology. The research into these new technologies started in 2017.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Our main reserach focus is aimed at the use of IOT-devices in a healthcare setting. Within this scope a wide range of projects are under development.

Our second focus is on the underlying technology such as Blockchain, IOTA and Ethereum


Healthcare Exchange Token or Grunncoin

Grunncoin is a IOTA-based private blockchain Health Care exchange token that can be used in a care and cure environment. The goal is to downsize administrative burden, get citizens to be stakeholder in their local health care community and to give care users control over their health care budget.

CLAPI (Low Cost Interactive Assistive Product)

This device is aimed at people wit mental or psychiatric disorders. Development of software (Python) and technology (Raspberry Pi) for an assistive device. The device learns behavioural patterns of it’s users with the use off sensors (audio, visual, dust, alcohol) by making use of Machine Learning. The device can offer an intervention, for example alarm a healthcare worker, a family member or to offer suggestion for alternative actions. Take a shower, listen to some music etc. The device has a backend for professionals.